Learn How To Play Tenniscropped-product3

Tennis is a sport that is much greater than the sum of its parts. Look at the players who win major tournaments – your Rafael Nadals, Roger Federers and the like – and what you will notice about them is that, individually, their shots are not so much better than the other players on the tour. Oh, they are good shots – no doubt about that – but what these players have is more than just technical ability. They win games for more reasons than pure stroke play. They win because they know what shot to play at what time, and how to beat an opponent before they even get to the court.

So many coaches when faced with a beginner decide that the most important thing is to get them to play the same shot, time after time after time. If you do that often enough, they say, it becomes natural. The problem is that when you get on the court against an opponent, they know how to play those shots too. What any tennis player needs when starting out is to work on a mindset that will allow them to size up opportunities and tactical play.

Learn How To Play Tennis is a book that enables you to do exactly as the title says. It’s not about learning the technical swing that will allow you to hit a forehand with pace – it is about knowing when that pacey forehand will win you the point, and how to create the opportunities to beat your opponent. This is an indispensable guide for beginners, or learners who find their game is stalling.



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